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Quick Start

1: Open PDF Doc
2: Add Stamp
Creating a stamp
Saving Stamps
3: Review Document
4: Save Document

Default Stamp
Date/Time Stamps
Removing Stamps
Large Documents
Multiple Documents
Logging Output
Step 1: Open a PDF Document
If you want to stamp a copy of the original PDF document:

1. Choose File->New to bring up a new untitled window. The window contains the StampInStone default document.

2. Drag the original PDF document from the Finder to the untitled window. The document will open in the untitled window. When you choose File->Save, you will be asked for a file name for the document.

Warning: You can drag a PDF document to any StampInStone document window. The dragged-in PDF document will replace the contents of the window, but the window’s title will stay the same as it was. If you then choose File->Save, you will replace the old document, not the dragged-in document.
If you want to stamp the original PDF document:

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