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Quick Start

1: Open PDF Doc
2: Add Stamp
Creating a stamp
Saving Stamps
3: Review Document
4: Save Document

Default Stamp
Date/Time Stamps
Removing Stamps
Large Documents
Multiple Documents
Logging Output
Step 4: Save your Document
To replace your original document with the stamped document, choose File->Save. If the document is untitled and has never been saved, use the resulting Save dialog to choose a location and filename. Otherwise, the current document will replace your original document.

To give the document a new name so it won’t replace the original document, choose File->Save As… and choose a location and file name in the resulting Save dialog.
Graphics Format
When you save a document with an image stamp, StampInStone can save the image as either a compressed TIFF or as a JPEG with quality control. You can set this in the Stamp tab of the Preferences window (StampInStone->Preferences…).

TIFF uses non-lossy compression. JPEG uses a lossy compression algorithm. If you choose JPEG, you can control the amount of compression and the quality of the image with the slider. Slide it left for higher compression/lower quality; slide it right for lower compression/higher quality.

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