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Quick Start

1: Open PDF Doc
2: Add Stamp
Creating a stamp
Saving Stamps
3: Review Document
4: Save Document

Default Stamp
Date/Time Stamps
Removing Stamps
Large Documents
Multiple Documents
Logging Output
Making an Image Stamp
Bring up the Info window (Tools->Info) and select the Image Stamp tab.

To set the image for the stamp, drag an image file from the Finder to either the document window or the image well in the Info window.

You can also copy and paste an image from another application.

StampInStone accepts the following file formats:
tiff tif gif jpeg jpg icns png bmp ico cur fpx fpix pntg pnt mac psd sgi rgb targa tga qtif qti pict pct TIFF TIF GIF JPEG JPG ICNS PNG BMP ICO CUR FPX FPIX PNTG PNT MAC PSD SGI RGB TARGA TGA QTIF QTI PICT PCT

To scale the image, use the Scale slider.

To place the image, click on the image in the document window and drag it to where you want it to appear.

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