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Quick Start

1: Open PDF Doc
2: Add Stamp
Creating a stamp
Saving Stamps
3: Review Document
4: Save Document

Default Stamp
Date/Time Stamps
Removing Stamps
Large Documents
Multiple Documents
Logging Output
StampInStone™ from Stone Design makes it easy to add a stamp to any PDF document. The stamp can be a line of text or an image and can appear under or over the page contents. It can be placed anywhere on the page.
Stamp Features
    • Stamp underneath or over each PDF page
    • Set Text, Font and Color
    • Stamp with any image
    • Save stamps for later reuse
    • Set a Default stamp
    • Click and drag to move stamp
    • Embed image as TIFF or JPEG with quality control
    • Auto-updating Time and Date stamps
    • XML stamp file format

Application Features:
    • Use to view any PDF
    • Any number of PDF documents open at once
    • Standard phrases available from popup menu
    • Bulk stamping and unstamping of folders of PDFs
    • Searchable Help
    • Optionally view Log file for details on processing
    • Optionally set file type/creator on saved PDF files
    • Zoom to any zoom
    • Go directly to any page
    • Unlimited undo

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