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Super Text: Text Placed Inside Path
To place text inside a path:
    1. Select a Text Area and a graphic.
    2. Choose Object->Super Text->Text Inside Shape.
• If the graphic is not already a
Spline, this command makes the graphic into a Spline and places the text inside the spline’s path.
• Some graphics, including
Images and Box Graphics, disappear when they become splines.

If you don’t like the text’s placement in the shape, try:
• Adding spaces or tabs in front of the text to move it to a different location in the shape.
• Scaling the shape in the
Size Info pane. This reshapes the path without scaling the text.
Both the text and the spline remain editable.

Use the
Object Info pane to control:
    • Whether to draw the path
    • Whether to apply the path’s effects to the text
    • The text’s color
    • The text’s alignment

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