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Linked Text Areas (page 1)
If your text won’t fit within one Text Area, you can create multiple text areas to contain the text.

To create linked Text Areas:
1. Create a Text Area and enter the text. If the Text Area is too small to contain the text, a red cross appears at the lower right hand corner of the Text Area.
2. Click on the red cross. The cursor will change to a linked text cursor “+A”.
3. Go to where you want the linked Text Area, including another page. Click and drag to draw another Text Area.
• Text will now flow from the first Text Area to the linked Text Area.
• If you make the first Text Area smaller, more text will flow to the second Text Area.
• If you delete either Text Area, all the text will flow to the remaining Text Area.
• You can create as many linked Text Areas as necessary to hold the text.

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