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Spell Check
To check the spelling in your document
1. Bring up the Spell dialog by choosing Edit->Spelling->Spelling… (Command-:).
2. Click the Find Next button.
• Create will find the next word it doesn’t recognize and enter it in the text field in the Spelling dialog. If the word is visible in the Text Area, Create will highlight it. Create will also attempt to find possible replacements for the unrecognized word.
3. You can correct the spelling by choosing one of the suggestions and then clicking the Correct button. You can also replace the incorrect spelling with the correct spelling in the text field and click the Correct button.
• To direct Create to ignore all further occurrences of this unrecognized word in this document, click the Ignore button.
• To direct Create to learn this unrecognized word, click the Learn button.
• By leaving the Spelling dialog visible, you can check spelling even when the text is not visible.

Note: You can use the
Text contextual menu to access the spelling commands. If the selected word is marked as misspelled, suggested corrections will show in the contextuall menu.
Spell Dialog

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