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Working with Text

Text Areas
Editing Text
Text Format
Paragraph Format
Text Styles
Linked Text
Auto Linked
Text Wrap
Super Text
Creating Text Areas
Text is contained in a Text Area graphic. To create Text Areas:

• Use the Text Area tool, draw a Text Area, and enter text.

Copy and paste text, either into a Text Area or into the document. If you paste text into a document, a new Text Area containing that text will be created.
If you are editing a Text Area, you can choose whether to paste the text as plain text (Edit->Paste As->ASCII) or as formatted text (Edit->Paste As->Rich Text).

Drag .rtf or .txt files into your document.

Drag a .vCard file or a name from the Address Book application into your document. Create will insert a Text Area containing the name and address.

Choose Object->New Objects->Address… (Option-Command-A). You can then choose a name from your Address Book and Create will add a Text Area containing that person’s name and address.

Note: If there is too much text to fit on the page, see
Linked Text and how to automatically create multiple pages to contain the text.

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