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Linked Text Areas: Automatic Creation
Use this feature to automatically layout multiple pages of text from a single large text file.

To create multiple pages of linked text areas automatically:

1. Drag in your text or RTF file from the Finder or paste the text into a text area.

2. Size and place the text area as you want it to appear on all pages. If you want multiple columns per page,
create additional linked text areas on the page.

3. Click on the red cross at the lower right corner of the final text area on the page. The cursor will change to a linked text cursor.

4. Choose File->Pages->Add or select Add from the
Page Control popup menu in the lower left corner of your document window.

5. Click OK in the dialog asking if you want to “add enough new pages to hold entire text, using the layout of text blocks on this page".

Create will add as many pages as necessary to fit the text and will duplicate the text area layout on the first page on each subsequent page.

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