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Working with Text

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Super Text
Super Text: Text Placed Around a Graphic
To place text around a graphic:
    1. Select a Text Area and a graphic.
    2. Choose Object->Super Text->Text Outside Shape
• If the graphic is not already a
Spline, this command makes the graphic into a Spline and places the text outside the spline’s path.
• Some graphics, including
Images and Box Graphics, disappear when they become splines.

If you don’t like the text’s placement around the shape, try:

    • Reshaping or moving the graphic and/or the Text Area

Both the text and the spline remain editable.

Use the
Object Info pane to control:
        • Whether to draw the path
        • Whether to apply the path’s effects to the text
        • The text’s color.
        • The text’s alignment

Note: You can also use the
Text Wrap settings to make text wrap around one or more graphics.

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