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Creating Web Pages

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Customizing HTML: Text Output as Image
As a rule, you should try to output text as text.
    • Sight-impaired users can use special browsers to speak the text.
    • Users can apply their own formatting.
    • Users can select and copy text.
    • Pages can be indexed by search engines.
    • Pages load much faster.
For each Text Area, you can choose whether to output that text as a graphic or as text. To output the text as a graphic, select the Text Area and bring up the Object Info pane. Check the Output to web as image checkbox.

You might choose to output as an image if you have used special fonts that are not generally available, or if you have complicated formatting.

The following types of text will always be output as an image:
• All text that has
• All
Super Text
• All text that has been
wrapped around one or more graphics
• Text that has been
grouped with other objects
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