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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Any Create document can be turned into a web page or multi-page web site. Just choose Web->Create Web Pages… (Shift-Command-K), and Create will:

• Generate the HTML to, as nearly as possible, duplicate each page in your document. If you have
overlapping graphics, Create will warn you so you can adjust your layout.

• Place a
navigation bar on each page, allowing viewers to go to the previous page, the next page, the table of contents page, and the home page.

• Generate a
table of contents page using thumbnail images of each page in your document.

This chapter covers how to add HTML links, how to customize the HTML, how to include various resource files, and other Create features for generating great sites.

Note: Create does not edit or import HTML. Create is not designed to modify web sites that already exist. If you want to use Create to work on a site that has already been created, you can recreate the website in a Create document by opening the website in a browser and dragging and dropping text and graphics into a Create document.

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