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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Preparations: Naming (page 1)
Name your pages

To name a page in your Create document:
    1. Go to the
page and make sure nothing is selected.
    2. Bring up the
Info window and click the Web tab (Shift-Command-I, click Web tab).
    3. Enter a name into the Page Name field.
    Hint: You can also name pages in the
Master Layers window (File->Master Layers or Shift-Command-M). Double-click on the page and enter a name.

Create uses the Page Name:
    • in the
Table of Contents.
    • in the TITLE tag for the page, which makes the name show up in the browser window’s title bar.
Note: The TITLE tag will also include the Page Title Prefix information from the
<HEAD> pane of the Web Options dialog.
    • as the name of the .html file.
Create replaces spaces and punctuation with underscores, so that the Page Name “Effects: Blends” becomes “Effects__Blends.html”.

If you don’t name your pages, Create uses your document’s filename and the page number to create a name for each page.
Preparing the Document

Naming Pages
Naming Other
Adding Links
Adding Slices

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