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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Preparations: Adding Links: Slicing Images (page 1)
Adding different links to different parts of an image graphic

If you want different parts of an image graphic to go to different URLs, you can slice the image and add the links in
SliceAndDice and then bring the result back into Create. Create will use the information in the SliceAndDice file to generate the table structure and links in the document HTML. You can also use SliceAndDice to create JavaScript rollovers, and then add those to your Create document. Create will add the necessary JavaScript to the HTML to make the rollovers "just work".

Preparing the Document

Naming Pages
Naming Other
Adding Links
Adding Slices
You want to take these buttons and make a button that will look like it’s pressed when the user moves her cursor over it.

1. Open SliceAndDice and get an empty window.
2. Go back to Create and select the first button. Make sure an image format is showing in the
Image Well and drag from the Image Well to the SliceAndDice window.
3. Select the second button. Drag from the Image Well to the SliceAndDice window. Click the Rollover Image button.
4. Add links in SliceAndDice. Save the SliceAndDice file using Save for Create.
5. Drag the file icon from the SliceAndDice window back into Create. When you generate HTML, you’ll have a rollover effect button.

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