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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Preparations: Adding Links (page 1)
What’s a web page without links to other web pages? You can add links to pages within your document, to other documents in your site, and to external URLs.

To add links to pages within your Create document:
    1. Select the
object. If you want to add a link to text, select the text.
    2. Bring up the
Web Info pane.
    3. Click on Another Page and enter the page number. Don’t worry if you add or delete pages. Create remembers which page you linked, even if the page number changes.
    4. If you’ve put
anchors on that page, you can choose an anchor from the drop down menu.

Note: The anchors menu shows all the anchors in the document, not just the anchors on the selected page.
Preparing the Document

Naming Pages
Naming Other
Adding Links
Adding Slices
Note: These links are not live: that is, clicking on a link within a Create document will not move you to another place in your Create document. They are for creating links in HTML. However, you can move to the linked object in Create by selecting an object with a link, bringing up the Web Info pane, and clicking on the Open Link button. Linking to an anchor on another page

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