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Working with Graphics

Adding Graphics
Selecting Graphics
A selected graphic has visible handles or points.

To select a single graphic, choose the Selection Tool and click on the graphic. If the graphic is not filled, click on its stroke (outline or edge).

• When objects are
on top of other objects, the first click will select the topmost object, the second click will select the next lower object, and so on. The clicks will cycle through the stack of objects.

Note: You can see what type of object is selected by looking in the
Selection Status Area at the bottom of the document window.

• You can also click on the
selection buttons at the bottom of the document window to sequentially select individual objects. This can be useful if you have many small objects that are close together or where objects are on top of other objects.

Click on stroke to select an unfilled graphic. Click anywhere on object to select a filled graphic.

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