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Customizing HTML: Image Output
Create can output the document’s images as JPG, GIF, or PNG files.

To choose the default output file format for the whole document, use the
Appearance pane of the Web Options dialog and select a format from the dropdown menu.

Note: To set JPG image quality, whether GIFs are dithered, and whether PNGs are interlaced, use the controls in
Image pane of Create’s Preferences window.

You can override the output format for a particular page in the
Web Info pane.

Note: Create does not change the file format for unscaled GIF image files, in case they are animated GIFs. In addition, Create outputs images as PNG if they need transparency (for example, a graphic with a pattern in a Table Group with a background image).

Each format has advantages and disadvantages.
    • GIFs are good for simple drawings with flat colors. GIFs also allow for one color to be transparent.
    • JPGs are good for photographs or graphics with blended colors.
    • PNGs are a good overall format and allow for transparency, but are not supported by all browsers.
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