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Working with Color
Hidden Defaults
Hidden Defaults (page 7)
Naming image files in HTML:
When Create outputs the images that represent the graphic objects in your Create document, it names them based on the
name you’ve given the graphic, the page number, the page name, and the unique identification number given each graphic. Very occasionally, if you’ve used long names for your graphics, this can generate a duplicate name. To avoid this, you may want to generate names with the unique identification number first. This avoids any possible duplication, but also makes it harder to find the images in the images directory. To generate image names with the unique identification number first, use:

defaults write com.stone.Create UniqueIDComesFirst YES
Set Language in Web Page Output:
By default, the language set in Web Page Output, is English (EN). Example for Spanish:

defaults write com.stone.Create WebLanguage SP

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