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Auto Trace

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Auto Trace (page 1)
To convert images and graphics into editable splines, use the Auto Tracer window.

To trace a graphic:
1. Bring up the Auto Trace window (Tools->Auto Tracer)
2. Choose a graphic to trace.
• To bring an image into Create, click the Open Image button and use the Open dialog.
• If there is a currently selected graphic, Auto Trace will use it. (For best results in tracing graphics that are not images, turn off
• If there’s no selected graphic, Auto Trace will use the background image if there is one.
3. Set the parameters, if needed.
4. Click the Trace button.
• If there’s no selected image and no background image, Auto Trace will bring up an Open dialog so that you can select an image file.
• A progress monitor will appear, since it can take a long time on large images. You can stop the trace at anytime by clicking on the Stop button.

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