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Working with Color
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Working with Color
Create uses two color tools:
1. The standard MacOS Color dialog (Shift-Cmd-C).
2. The
Safe Colors window (Web->Safe Colors…).
• Create also uses Color Wells throughout the application to make it easy to apply and use colors.

Color Well

A Color Well has a rim and a center. Clicking on a color well’s rim activates the well so that colors selected in the Color dialog automatically appear in the color well. More than one color well can be active at a time; all activated color wells will display the same color. To activate additional color wells, press the Shift key while clicking on the color well’s rim.
You can change the color of a color well, whether it’s activated or not, by dragging a color swatch from another color well.
• To drag a color swatch from a color well, click in the center of the color well and drag a color swatch out. You can drag the color swatch to another color well or any object that accepts colors.
• For example, in Create, you can drag a color swatch to a graphic. This will change the color of the top fill or add a fill if one doesn’t exist.
Working with Color

Color Well
Color Dialog
Web Safe Colors

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