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Hidden Defaults (page 1)
Users occasionally ask for a feature that we can easily do but that we don’t think is of general enough interest to put into the user interface. So we put the feature in the code and activate it with a hidden default.

To set a hidden default, open the Terminal application (in the /Applications/Utilities folder), and type:

defaults write com.stone.Create defaultname defaultvalue

where defaultname is replaced by the name of the default and defaultvalue is replaced by the value of the default.

To remove a hidden default (in other words, to go back to Create’s standard behavior), open the Terminal application and type:

defaults delete com.stone.Create defaultname

where defaultname is replaced by the name of the default.

Note: The Terminal application is a utility provided by Apple to provide command line access to the system and various utilities. “defaults” is a command line utility for writing information to an application’s Preferences file.

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