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Library Trees (page 2)
To make a new library tree, choose File -> New Library Tree (Shift-Command-N).

A Library Tree is a collection of albums. As a convenience, you can add folders of photos to a Library Tree; PhotoToWeb will automatically create an album in the folder if it doesn’t already contain one.
To add albums and folders of photos to a Library Tree, drag them from a Finder window or click the Add… button and use the Open Dialog to navigate to the album or folder you want to add.
If you add a folder that includes other nested folders of albums, PhotoToWeb will duplicate the file structure in the Library Tree by automatically creating a node (a folder that contains albums) for each folder that contains other folders.

A node can contain albums and other nodes.

To create a new node, select the node that you want to contain the new node and click the New Folder button.

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