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Album Styles
Once you’ve made a particular look for your album by setting the Web Options, you can save that look for use in future albums.

Information that is saved with an album style:

• Whether or not to display a title and the title’s location
• Picture frame color and size
• Whether or not to include fullscale photos
• Whether or not to include PhotoToWeb logo text
• Navigation bar location and style
• Custom navigation bar information
• Font family and sizes
• Table of contents settings
• Thumbnail image settings
• Home Page Link
• Page Title Prefix
• Keyword, Description and Author meta tag information
• All of the color information
• Whether or not to use a background image and the image file’s location
• All custom HTML
• Optimizing code (compact output)
• Whether or not to use long file names
• index.html file settings
• Image output color information
• Photo and Thumbnail output quality
• Copyright information
• Slide show settings
Album Styles
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