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Stone Design's PhotoToWeb is the answer to every digital photographer's prayers! [ screenshot ]
Quickly sort, title, crop, rotate and perhaps delete photos. Display albums of photos as full screen slide show with transition effects. Publish albums or sets of albums to the web in an interconnected web site with one click. View thumbnails and make web thumbnails.

Albums can be:
    - create an album automatically by dragging on a folders of photos
    - create Libraries
automatically by dragging on folders of photos
    - linked together to form libraries of albums

Each photo can be quickly:
    - renamed
    - deleted from album or disk
    - sorted
    - rotated
    - scaled for faster web performance
    - cropped to display just what you want
    - dragged out to another application

Each photo can have:
    - a title
    - a caption
    - an entire
Rich Text story, with hyper links

Slide Show:
    - full screen
    - manual or automatic
    - choose monitor
    - optional transition effects and speed
    - set delay between slides

Albums can be published as:
    - thumbnails
    - all images and stories on one giant page or
    - full web site with:
        * custom HTML that you add
        * automatic navigation bars
        * thumbnail table of contents
            - control thumbnail size, number per row and page
        - ability to link in full size image
        - makes
interconnected site out of many albums.

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