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Preparing Your Images
In PhotoToWeb, you work with your images in an album, where you can change their size, crop them, rename them, and annotate them. If you want to modify your images in other ways (for example, change the contrast or sharpen the image), you'll need to do that in a separate image manipulation program.

Creating a New Album

To create a new album, choose
File -> New (Command-N).

To create a new album from a previously-saved
album style, choose File -> Album Styles and choose a style.

Opening a Previously Saved Album

To open an album that you have already created and saved, you can:
    • Double-click on that album in the Finder
    • Drag the album from the Finder to the PhotoToWeb icon in the Dock
    • Choose
File -> Open… and select the album in the Open Dialog
A Note about Albums: PhotoToWeb’s albums store images as pathnames to the image file (e.g. “/Users/Documents/OlympusPhotos/December2001/P100032.jpg”). If you move your images after you create an album (and the album is not stored in the same folder as the images), or if you rename the images in the Finder or in another album, the pathnames will change and the album will not be able to locate and display the images (at least, not without your help). See Technical Info: Album Structure for more info.
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