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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Generating HTML: Fixing Overlapping Graphics
How to fix your overlapping graphics:

Choose Web->Show Table Preview to see the table cells that will be generated. This is discussed in more detail in

If all overlapping objects are graphics, either move them so they don’t overlap or select them and choose Object->Group->Group Scaleable (Command-G). This will create a single object out of the overlapping objects.

Generating HTML

Initial Process
Fixing Overlaps
File Structure
If some of the overlapping objects are Text Areas:
If you group the objects, the contents of the Text Areas will no longer be editable or searchable text. This affects the HTML in two ways:
    1. Graphics are larger and take longer to load than text.
    2. Search engines will not be able to index the text, so it will be harder for others to find your web pages.
    You should try to rearrange your objects so that Text Areas do not overlap other graphics. If you choose to group your Text Areas, you may want to use Web->Web Options…->
<HEAD> pane and enter additonal text into the Keywords text field. You should also select the group graphic, go to the Web Info pane, and enter a summary of your text in the Alt Text text field.

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