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Creating Web Pages

Customizing HTML
Web Resources
Generating HTML
Generating HTML: File Structure (page 1)
Create generates a folder containing:

• an HTML file for each page in your document
    You can set whether you want nice readable HTML or HTML that has been compressed to be as small as possible. To compact your HTML as much as possible, bring up the Web Options dialog (Web->Web Options…), go to the
Misc pane, and check the Compact Output checkbox. You can also have Create make one big file for all the pages instead of a separate file for each page. In the Web->Create Web Pages dialog, click the All On One Page radio button.

• an image file for each image in the document
    To set the image file format, bring up the
Appearance Pane of the Web Options dialog and select a format from the Output Images popup menu.
    The image files also include thumbnail images if your Table of Contents page uses thumbnails, navigation bar images if your navigation bar uses images, and a Create logo if you have not checked the No Logo checkbox in the
Misc pane of the Web Options dialog.
    You can choose whether the image files will go into an images subfolder or will be placed at the top level of the folder.
    To set the location for the image files, go tp the
Misc pane of the Web Options dialog. Click one of the image output radio buttons.
Generating HTML

Initial Process
Fixing Overlaps
File Structure

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