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Twittelator Pro
Feature List
        • 3 built-in themes - and infinite design your own!
                Gray - for indoors
                Dove - for outdoors
                Raven - for night
        • Create and share your own themes
                Choose font, size, background and text colors
                Tweet the Theme
                Tap to install other people's tweeted themes
                Find any theme ever tweeted (over 5700!):
                        Search -> Find Themes
        • Easy navigation from Tab Bar or More to anywhere
        • Configure categories on Tab Bar to suit you
        • Fully landscape or portrait mode
        • English, Español, Deutsche, Français and 日本語
        • Complete Help at your fingertips

        • You can have as many accounts as you like
                • Switch between accounts instantly
                • Switch between accounts during Compose too
        • Post to Facebook wall optionally
        • Automatically set your current location:
                • as place name
                • as latitude/longitude
                • optionally geotag tweets
        • Upload new Avatar photo
        • Change your bio, name and location too

Writing Tweets:

        • Landscape mode for easy typing
                (you can disable for tweeting in bed!)
        • Compose tweets offline - automatically sent later
        • Fast find @friends via Contacts-like search
                * most recent at top
        • See tweet you are replying to by dragging down
        • Reply to any Tweet or Tweeter
        • Private message any Tweeter
        • Toggle Private/Reply with tap
        • Cut/Copy/Paste/Select and Undo
        • Confirmation on tweet so you don’t pre-tweet
        • Turn on or off capitalizing and auto-correction
       • 2-second popup tells you when tweet is posted
                - you can turn this off in Settings
       • Optional sound is played when tweet posted
                - you can turn this off in Settings
       • Option to autorefresh Friends after tweeting
        • Character count always updated

        • Save & restore any number of drafts
        • Drafts can be made reusable
        * Reorder & delete drafts

        * New official automatic ReTweet
        • Editable ReTweet:
                • 3 ReTweet formats to choose from

Shorten Tweets and Send Long Tweets
        • Shrink tweet before sending
        • Shrink URLs to 5 services
        • Auto splitting of tweets over 140 characters into two
        • Auto splitting of DM’s over 140 characters into 2
        • TwitLonger service allows any length of tweet
                - it's auto linked to a blog page!
        • lets you claim your URLs
       uses even smaller!

Maps & Geotag
        • Add a map of your current location
        • Option to geocode your tweet directly
        • Get map of any User's location or geotagged tweet
        • Find tweets nearby by tap and hold map

Hash Tags
        * your recently used #hashtags are remembered
        • pop them in with # button

Emojis & Dingbats
        • 540 pictorial glyphs to choose from:
                icons, zodiac, chess pieces, crosses,
                trigrams, arrows, greek, hebrew,
                diacriticals, and colorful Emoji’s
                Just swipe to move betwen panels

Media: photos, audio, playing song and video
        • Uploads won't time out
        • Failed uploads automatically resent
        • Notified when media uploads

        • Shoot, Edit and Tweet Video on 3G[S]
       • Post video to your choice of:
                Posterous -> your own site!
                 co-post to YouTube
       • Tweet the currently playing song & album art
     • Record and tweet Audio right in app!
                Posterous -> your own site!

        • Add a snapshot or library photo to your tweet
        • Optionally use high resolution images
        • Snapshots automatically saved to your library
       • Send private photos with DM’s too

       • Post photo to your choice of:
                Posterous -> your own site!
                WordPress using TweetPress PlugIn

Reading A Tweet:
        • Large readable font size option - or
                create your own theme with giant fonts!
        • Tap Time to instantly reply to tweeter
        • Tap the tweeter’s name to:
                • Translate the tweet into your language!
                • Reply or Private message
                • Re-tweet
                • Email tweet (or tweets) from within app
                • Email full rich html with links and picture
                • Copy tweet
                • Copy link
                • Copy link to the tweet
                • Favorite tweet
                • Delete tweet (if yours)
                • Send link & tweet to Instapaper
                • or Send link to Read It Later
                • See posting twitter app’s name
                • See exact time/date of post
                • Quickly go to user details (top bar)
                • Save the tweet or tweets
        • Tap Avatar to Reply All or see details of @mentioned
        • Tweet sizes to fit length of text
        • See user’s real name and screen name
        • Photos appear inline in the tweet from: Movapic,
        TwitPic, MobyPic, Yfrog, Twitgoo, TwitLens & Pikchur
        • See photos fullscreen and save them to Photos
        • Zoom, pan, and copy the images
        • Open photos in internal browser option
        • Copy photo for pasting into a new tweet
        • Google map links are opened in Maps Interface
        • MP3 links have speaker button to play song
        • Follow embedded web link right in Twittelator
        • Web browser auto rotates to landscape if you want
        • Play mp3 and video right in Twittelator
        • Choose which link when more than one
        • Tap photo to drill into tweeter’s details
        • Investigate any referenced tweeter in a tweet
        • Load stock quote of $<SYMBOL>
        • Instant search on any #tag in tweet
        • Get explanation for any #tag in tweet
        • Tap geotag pin to see map if geotagged
        • Delete any DM and tweets from you

        • Create your own Twitter Lists
        • Make them private or public
        • Add and remove people at will
        • See Lists following you
        • See other people's lists and join them
        • Quickly load the tweets from any list

Finding Great Lists and Tweeters:
        • Uses database of
        • Find list by category and sub topic
        • Search -> Search Lists/Tweeters
        • Or tap search icon in any List
        • One tap to join or leave a list

Integrated services:
        • TweetShrink: reduces the number of characters in tweet
        • TextExpander: insert predefined text with few strokes
        • TwitLonger: create tweets of any length
                - they get auto linked to a web page
        • 5 URL shrinking services:
        • FollowCost: see how 'expensive' it is to follow someone
        • TweetBlocker: see if the person is a spammer
        • Favstar: see popular tweets from a user
        • Tweeteorites: see favorites of your friends
        • What the Trend? find explanations for trending items
        • Over 10 photo, video, audio posting sites (see Writing)
        • ReadItLater and Instapaper link saving services
        • Send links and tweets to OmniFocus too
        • to explain meaning of #hashtags

Web Browsing:
        • Go anywhere fast like Google, Help, Here!
        * Movies are shown fullscreen
        • Copy links for tweeting
        * Email links
        * Send links to Instapaper/Readitlater
        * Open in Safari

Reading Tweets:
        • Select how many: 20, 50, 100, 150 or 200
        • Tap ‘more’ to load more and travel back in time
        • Tap ‘bubble’ to see reply chain conversation
        • Messages fully cached - tap bubble for conversation
        • Tweets from you are tinted rose
        • Tweets that mention you are tinted mint
        • See just replies to you and mentions of you
        • See just direct messages to you
        • See just your tweets
        • See just your direct messages
        • Follow your friends
        • See everyone’s tweets
        • See any Tweeter’s tweets
        • See any Tweeter’s favorites
        • See the current Trending Topics
       • Shake to Refresh [option]
       • Page Down by double-tapping text of tweet
       • Tap top toolbar to Page Up
       • Tap top toolbar twice to scroll to top
       • Tap status bar to scroll to top [option]
        • Refresh on demand
        • Drag down top tweet to refresh
        • Drag up bottom tweet to get more tweets
        • Option to automatically retrieve new tweets (autorefresh)
        • Set autorefresh interval to 2,3,5 or 10 minutes
        • Option to play sound on auto retrieve
        • Option to Refresh All tab bar groups on refresh
        • Option to load only active for fastest launch
        • Send mail via mailto: in tweet or web page
        • Support for new ReTweet architecture - see:
                ReTweets of my tweets
                ReTweet'd by me
                ReTweet'd to me
        • See details on the last ReTweeter
        • See details of all the ReTweeters
        • See the full text of any TwitLonger tweet
                - collapse it by tapping paperclip again
                - tap it third time to open in browser
        • Optionally set latitude, longitude of any tweet
        • See map where a geocoded tweet comes from
        • Optionally add geocodes to photos, video
        • See Nearby Searches in map
        • Tap and hold any map to search tweets there
        • Set the location for any tweet search
        • Open a location in Maps application

User Details:
        • Tap any picture to bring up User Details
        • Swipe to the left as a shortcut
        • If @name mentioned, choice of tweeter or @name
        • See their full screen version of their avatar
        • Zoom, pan, copy, save avatar
        • Tap large avatar to save to your Photos
        • Search for Any User by tapping magnifying glass
        • See their location and bio
        • Start or Stop following any tweeter
        • Option to enable notifications when you follow
        • Change whether Notifications enabled/disabled
        • See if they have a Verified account (for famous peeps)
        • See lock if their account is Protected
        • Tap location to see Street map, Satellite map or Hybrid
                map of the User’s location
        • Block and Unblock any user
        • Mute and Unmute any user
                - good for when your pals tweet too much and
                - you are not interested in those tweets!
        • Date when user joined Twitter
        • Add person to your bookmarks
        • Visit their website right in Twittelator
        • See their latest tweets
        • See the last replies to them
        • See their favorites
        • Send them reply or private message
        • See how many friends and followers they have
        • See how many tweets they have made
        • See last tweet
        • See their friends
        • See their followers
        • See their lists - and add them to yours!
        • Drill down into their friends
        • ...and then pop back
        • Report user as Spammer
        • ‘My Profile’ for seeing your own details, friends,
                followers, last tweets, favorites and mentions

Searching Tweets:
        • Instant simple search
        • Find People by their full name as well as twitter name
        • Search “Nearby” to find tweeters near you
                • View on a Google Map
                • Tap and hold to find tweets ANYWHERE
                •  Set radius and location of search
        • Advanced Search including:
                • All, Every, Not, Any
                • Reference, To, From, Hashtags
                * Since and Until Dates
                • Nearby your current location
                • Links and Questions
                • Positive/Negative Attitudes
        • Narrow searches to just your native language
        • Searches remembered automatically & persistently
        • Delete and reorder persistent searches
        • Quitting on search redoes search on launch
        • Double tap tweet with #tag searches on tag

Stock Tweets:
        • Search on any stock symbol, eg $APPL
        • Stock searches automatically saved
        • Build a portfolio to keep track of recent mentions

Saving Tweets:
        • Tap & hold 2 secs to save any set of tweets
        • Save just individual tweets
        • Save all loaded tweets in all categories
        • Read tweets offline

        • Add any user to Bookmarks
        • Instant retrieval of their latest tweets

        • Tap/hold a tweet to add to Recents this session
        • Instant retrieval of their latest tweets

Trending Topics:
        • See what’s hot in twitterverse!
        • Choose from Now, Daily or Weekly
        • Get local trending topics from around globe
        • Updates each time you choose it

Log File:
        • see how many server accesses left this hour
        • read connection and failure log

        Tweet from Safari or other apps:
        • add “twit://” before any link in Safari to start
                        a new Tweet with that link added to it!
        • Safari bookmarklet to load current page as tweet

        • automatically create tweets from other apps

        • Big Stone Phone provides free support for Pro users
        • We listen to your feature requests and bug reports!

Tweet us with your suggestions! We truly do listen - in fact, this version evolved out of the desires of our users.
Here’s what they are saying! Our ‘retweet’ blog

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