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Automatically Tweeting Links from Safari

Twittelator lets you load a new tweet from another app:
Important: reboot your phone after installing Twittelator the first time!
1. In Mobile Safari:
        a. go to the page you wish to tweet about
        b. tap in the Address bar to bring up keyboard
        c. place cursor before the “http://”
        d. type twit:// and tap blue button “Go”

2. Automate the process with a Safari Bookmarklet:
        a. Tap the “+” icon in bottom toolbar to make new bookmark.
        b. Tap “Add Bookmark” from the dialog that pops up.

        c. Give it a decent title - eg “Twittelate This!”
        d. Tap the blue Save button

        note - you have to create a bookmark before you can edit it,
         so that’s why you have to tap Save first!

        e. Tap the “Bookmarks” icon to bring up Bookmarks
        f. Tap the “Edit” button in the lower left toolbar
        g. Tap the “>” next to “Twittelate This!”

        h. In the second “Address” field, you’ll enter this exactly,
                noticing the tick marks around ‘twit://’


        i. Tap Bookmarks to save, then blue “Done”, then “Done”

Now you can tweet an address instantly - and Twittelator Pro will offer to shorten the URL for you when you attempt to send it.

iPhone developers can have their application talk directly to Twittelator Pro via itŐs API (Application Programming Interface)

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