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• Drawing tools include: Box Graphic, Rectangle, Circle, Round Box, Arc, Star, Text, Line, Freehand, Curved Spline, Multi Line, Table, and Embedded HTML.
• Other types of graphics include: Text bound to a path, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG images, Groups, Box Groups, Mask Groups, Table Groups, Videos, Dates & Page Numbers.
• Completely customizable Toolbar provides single click access to commonly used tools.


Each graphic can contain some or all of the following effects:
Outline: Set the width, color and visibility of the stroke of an object.
Neon: Stone's unique Neon feature makes splashing, 3D lines.
Multiple: Each object can be repeated any number of times at any offset.
Drop Shadows: Each graphic can have a color drop shadow applied.
Blend Fill: Fill objects with blended colors or lines: across, down, rotated, point, radial.
Pattern Fill: Patterns that you create with Pattern Editor.
Copy and Paste effects from one graphic to another.
Color blends: Transparent colors, CMYK, RGB, HSB, and Grayscales

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