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Precise Design
Text Handling
Auto Web Pages
Multiple Pages
Splines & Lines
Online Help
Sample Art
Custom Art
Expert Features

Features (page 6)
Online Help, Sample Art and Custom Art

Online Create Manual
Online Tutorial
Sample art provided
Resource Library provides instant access to images, effects, patterns, blends and pages.
Your custom art and group art can be placed as custom Galleries in the Resource Library.
Entire searchable manual in HTML available at

Expert Features

Preferences: Customizations that control every aspect of Create.
Templates: Store pages in the Resource Library for reuse in other documents.
AppleScript: Create is fully scriptable. You can save a document as an AppleScript that will recreate the document when executed. Scripts menu for easy access to scripts.
Animator Module: The animator module allows you to create animated GIFs.
Pattern Editor: Create patterns using all of the effects and tools. Embeds patterns in your document for use by others.

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