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Precise Design

Zoom: Unlimited zoom and custom zooms are remembered.
Undo: As many levels of undo and redo as you like - 30 by default.
Object layering: Bring To Front, Bring Closer, Send to Back, Send Further, Lock and Unlock.
Grids: Control grid spacing, color, visibility and "snap-to" independently.
Rulers: Work in points, picas, inches or centimeters.
Page Layers: Each page can be composed of independently nameable, hideable, lockable layers.
Master Layers: Repeat design elements on some or all pages.
Layout Guides: For easy placement of objects.
Alignment: Align objects to top, bottom, middle, left, center and right.
Distribution: Distribute objects evenly left to right and/or top to bottom.
Nudge: Using arrow keys or Nudge inspector, move objects precise amounts.
Group: Manage complexity by grouping objects.
Mask Group: Clip any number of objects to the object on top of them.
Box Group: Groups objects in an interface box. Objects remain editable.
Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical.
Scale: Set the vertical and horizontal scaling separately or together.
Rotate: Using Stone's rotational slider, precisely rotate objects.
Each page can have a background image for tracing or presentation.

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