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Getting Started

Basic Concepts
Getting Started
Basic Concepts (page 1)
In Create, you build a document in a document window. Each document is made up of one or more pages. Each page contains graphics. Graphics are individual objects that have various characteristics such as size, location, and rotation. Graphics can be moved, resized, cut, copied and pasted into the same or other documents. You create graphics by using tools from the Tool Box or by dragging in files from the Finder. All graphics have object control points that appear when you select an object by clicking on it with the Selection tool. You modify objects by selecting them and then modifying their graphic characteristics. Graphic characteristics are controlled directly with tools or through Info panes that are loaded into the Info window. Each pane modifies particular graphic characteristics; each graphic object has particular characteristics that can be modified. Since graphic objects have different characteristics, different panes apply to the various types of objects.

To learn how to create and work with documents, pages, and Master Layers, see
Working with Documents.

To learn about using graphics in general, see
Working with Graphics. For detailed information about each type of graphic see Graphic Types.

For details on adding and editing text in your documents, see
Working with Text.

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