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Working with Graphics

Adding Graphics
Drag and Drop Graphics (page 1)
To add objects by dragging and dropping files from the Finder:

Drag a file icon from the Finder and drop it into a Create document.
If Create can translate the file contents into a Create graphic object, it will do so. If the file has a file type suffix, Create uses that to determine the file type. If the file doesn’t have a file type suffix, Create tries to open it in a Text Area.

Create can translate the following file types:

Images: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, icons (.icns), PDF, PNG - makes a Create Image graphic. See Image Preferences to control how images are added to your document.
Create types: .clipArt, .cre8
    .clipArt - adds the graphics that were originally saved in the .clipArt file
    .cre8 - adds the pages in the saved Create document to the end of the current Create document
Text: .txt, .rtf, .textClipping, .doc (Panther-only) - makes Text Areas with the text from the file
Other text: .vcf (vCard) - makes Text Areas with the name and address
.sliced (from Stone Design’s
SliceAndDice™): makes a SliceAndDice object. When output to HTML, this creates a sliced image where different areas can have links to different URLs.

If Create doesn’t recognize the file type, it makes a
FileImage object, and display’s the file’s icon.
Adding Graphics

Drag & Drop

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