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Web Authoring in Create®
If you can drag and drop images, text and links from Safari, you can build fantastic, goodlooking sites with a click!
Tired of canned looking sites? Go crazy with Create®! Check out these two sites built using Create:
Sites made Easy
• Turn any document into a web site
• Automatically manages images and resources
• Drop in music, movies, and any image type
• Add links to text and graphics with drag & drop
• Automatically makes navigation bars and index
• Customize all aspects of your site visually
• Produce PDF & Websites from one document!
With no HTML!
But if you do - the sky is the limit!
• Add custom HTML before, after
• Add custom CSS
• Add JavaScript
• Embed applets and flash easily
• XHMTL compliant
• Control Encodings and File endings
This site was made in Create® - try Web -> Sample, Web -> Create Web Pages... in Create for a demo!

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