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Create® Overview
Create combines the major features of applications like Illustrator®, InDesign®, Pages®, GoLive®, Canvas®, DreamWeaver®, QuarkExpress®, Streamline® in one easy-to-use, low-cost, completely OS X native application
Page Layout

Quickly layout books, newsletters, pamplets, manuals and other desktop publishing tasks.

• Creates industry-standard PDF
• Multiple Master layers
• Flow text across blocks & pages
• Wrap text around graphics
• Automatic page numbering
• Easy reordering of pages
• Document wide Text Styles
• Spell checking and Find

Splines, Stars & the Library let you quickly make and reuse art. Make logos, business cards, flyers, announcements.

• Page Layers
• Effects • Blends • Custom Patterns
• Instant Graphic Conversion:
        JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, EPS
• Autotrace images to splines
• Animator can make movie frames
• Grids, Guides, Snap and Gravity
• Text along path & inside shapes
Web Pages

Now, anyone can publish a web site! With true WYSIWYG, layout your site just the way you’d layout a page! This site is made in Create.

• One click to make a web site
• Automatic nav bars and Index
• Make Website & PDF from same doc
• Drag links from Safari or Firefox
• Complete customization
• Hooks for HTML coders
Create’s unique Library of Art, Effects, Blends, Patterns,Pages and Images - add custom palettes!
Create is 100% AppleScriptable and Automatable.
No need to replicate items with Master Layers - great for Nav Bars & book making - change an item in one place to affect whole document.

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