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Create® Page Layout
Create combines the major features of applications like Illustrator®, InDesign®, Pages®, GoLive®, Canvas®, DreamWeaver®, QuarkExpress®, Streamline® in one easy-to-use, low-cost, completely OS X native application
• Reads Microsoft Word Docs and Rich Text Format
• Flows text between blocks and pages automatically
• Comes with templates and add your own easily

• Make Industry-standard PDF for professional printing
• Automatically loads multi-page PDFs for editing
• Embed Create format into PDF for later editing
• Make PDF with active links with Stone’s PStill

Text Features
• Document wide Text Styles allow easy reformatting
• Embed lists and tables of data
• Wrap text around graphics
• Flow text along lines
• Apply effects to text

And More!
• Document wide find and replace
• Support for Right to Left scripts
• Applescriptable and Automatable
• Make slide shows

Full Typographical support:
        - Kerning
        - Ligatures
        - Baselines
        - Font variations
        - Highlighter
        - Paragraph indents
        - Line spacing
        - Styles

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