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Part 5: The Finished Article

By completing this piece you will have learnt how to use the text, blend and spline tools together to produce eye catching posters - and also hopefully been inspired by the potential Create has for creating original artwork.
Taking it further
I found that when creating this piece, the aspect which I enjoyed most was creating wierd and wonderful blend patterns.

By playing around with different combinations of colours, the number of fill steps and the line thickness you can create some pretty stunning looking text and logos.
An example
A friend recently persuaded me to produce for him a new logo, and a style which he could apply to his website -
VDesign Studios. Using his (unusual) preference for purple, I turned out a number of graphics using the banded blend technique.

‘Moire’ Patterns
As pointed out by Mr Stone himself, adding a black background to the banded blend produces a ‘Moire’ pattern:
Moire Info .
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