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Part 4: Completion

Step 1
Now that we have the foreground all sorted out, it’s time to turn our attention to the background.

In ‘Tree of Change’ the background is a body of text - in my case it was a mini essay I wrote to convey my opinion of why voting is important. However, as not all of it’s legible in the picture you might want to just use a piece of text that fits - maybe from something you wrote or from a web site. (Either way, it doesn’t matter too much).

Adjust the text so that it fills the remaining two-thirds of the background, and fill it with a ‘point’ blend fading from light to slightly darker sky blue. This will create a halo effect around the tree, making it stand out as our focal point.

Step 2
The finishing touch is the title at the bottom of the page, which reads “Your vote is a seed for change, the power to change tomorrow”.

Simply add a drop shadow, and the whole piece is now complete!
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