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Katie Graunke

Stone Design Ships Web Slice & Dice(tm) 1.6
For Mac Server and Yellow Box for Windows

Albuquerque, September 22 1999 - Longtime OpenStep and Yellow Box developers,
Stone Design, shipped the latest version of the innovative web designer's tool Web Slice & Dice for Mac OS X Server and Yellow Box for Windows today.

Web Slice & Dice is the perfect tool for creating navigation bars, image maps, and complicated mosaic tilings from any image. Drop on an image, divide it as needed, drop on some Web links and then instantly create a web page which breaks down the image and reassembles it in very readable HTML code. By command-dragging a selection, you instantly copy that piece of the image for either instant cropping or use in another application like Create.

Many web content designers spend hours in carefully dividing images into smaller sub images, then editing the HTML by hand to create a table which puts these images back together again and then laboriously adding a URL one by one to each image. This painful and timeconsuming process can be accomplished in just a few moments with Web Slice & Dice.

Special effects that web designers crave are simple with this application. For example, you can create animations where only one subimage might change - such as the eye of Mona Lisa - which gives excellent performance because only a small piece of the overall image needs to be redisplayed.

Web Slice & Dice has an introductory price of $99.
Downloading is available now.

    Stone Design Corp. in Albuquerque, New Mexico was formed in 1984 and was the first developer to ship a product on NeXT Hardware in 1989 with the release of TextArt. Since then, Stone Design has been a leader in innovative shrinkwrap software in the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep/Mac OS X Server marketplace. Create(TM) - the high end drawing and web page making package - is Mac OS X Server's and Apple Yellowbox's first application. All other names are trademarked by their respective companies.