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Stone Works :all 17 apps in one easy download! Includes Create, iMaginator, Videator,TimeEqualsMoney,PhotoToWeb, PStill, SliceAndDice, FontSight, GIFfun, PackUpAndGo, GlobalWarmth, TrueBlue, Qouija, StarMores, PrefCommander, StampInStone & XaoS
Page Layout, Design and Web Authoring

Publishing powerhouse: a 3 in 1 application
Page layout - to print and web
Image and Video Processing & VeeJay

“photoshop on steroids”
Image factory for Core Image

Make movie magic
Premier VJ’ing and video art

XaoS (Videator Enabled)
Fractal Generator to provide Videator with fractal VJing
Publish Photos and Images to Web

Turn images into web pages
Make fancy rollover nav bars

Turn photos into websites
Thumbnails, slideshows, etc

Make animated GIFs.
It’s free!
PDF Tools for Repurposing, High-end Printing & Watermarking

PDF distillery: repurpose PDF,
tile posters, combine pages...

Convert OpenType & TrueType to PS fonts - use with PStill

Watermark any PDF -Add date, confidential, images, etc.
Time tracking & billing, Visual Fonts, Manage Preferences

Track time and expenses
Make invoices to collect!

Adds visual font menu to every
Native Cocoa application

Manage any app’s preferences
Utilities for archiving, iPhoto plugin & weather

Instantly archive files & folders
Uses Cross-platform format

iPhoto PhotoToWeb Free iPhoto Exporter plugin - go from iPhoto!

Get weather from around the globe
Widget, Video Screensaver & Divination

Instantly launch Stone apps
And get help and tutorials

Realtime video screensaver
Add more loops with Videator

Can you discover your true intentions? Free and Fun!
Just For Fun!

Pac The Man XLevel Editor by Andrew & Eli Stone

Bub & Bob XLevel Editor by Andrew & Eli Stone

The Free Fractal Star Generator

ElectricSheep Distributed Screen Saver

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