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Neon, Shadow, Skew

Scale, Rotate, Multiple

Blends & PS Patterns

Rulers, Grids, Guides

Unlimited Zoom

Builds Web Sites

Overlays & Layers

Autotrace Images

PostScript Lab

Animate graphics

Present Pages

And much more!
Create by Stone Design is the most intuitive and advanced full-color, multiple page draw studio and web page authoring application available today. It runs on Mac OS X, WebObjects for NT, and OpenStep. Create lets you compose multi-dimensional text and objects, design newsletters & brochures, make animated images, and generate WWW pages with a click of a button. With all of the high-end tools and effects you'd expect from a professional design package, Create remains remarkably easy to use. Here's a screenshot of Create. Why don't you download Create and the Stone Super Seven Suite and see what you've been missing! Anyone can create striking web sites without knowing any HTML. This site was made with Create and the Stone Super Seven Suite.
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