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Katie Graunke
TEL: 505-345-4800
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Stone Design Delivers
For Mac OS X and Server

New York City, July 19 2000 - Long time Macintosh and Cocoa developers, Stone Design, today announced the availability of a revolutionary new digital photo application, PhototoWeb. A free download is available now for Mac OS X (DP4) and Mac OS X Server.

"As a digital camera enthusiast, I saw the need for an app that would let you edit, crop, rename, annotate and delete photos" said Stone Design CEO, Andrew Stone. "Once I started, I kept adding cool features such as the ability to generate an interconnected web site from many albums of photographs, and to display the photos in full screen slide shows."

PhotoToWeb lets the user:
  • automatically create photo albums out of folders of images
  • create albums from templates (ours or the users)
  • view images as thumbnails
  • view images in a full screen slide show - with transition effects and automatic mode
  • reorder, rename and delete images
  • crop images
  • rotate images
  • title and caption images
  • annotate images with full rich text and hyperlinks
  • instantly publish images as an interconnected web site, with automatic table of contents and navigation links
  • choose output image size and quality to control bandwidth needed
  • optionally include full size images in the web output
  • completely control all aspects of HTML production
  • create thumbnails of images for use in other applications
  • view online help

This photo site was created with PhotoToWeb
Downloading is available now.

    Stone Design Corp. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was formed in 1984 and was the first developer to ship a product on NeXT Hardware in 1989 with the release of TextArt. Since then, Stone Design has been a leader in innovative shrinkwrap software in the NEXTSTEP/OpenStep/Mac OS X Server marketplace. All other names are trademarked by their respective companies.

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