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Here is some real life unsolicited feedback from two iMaginator Users:

This program rocks. The whole nondestructive nature of it is just awesome! I know Photoshop and when I show this to other Photoshop users, they think it's awesome. No need to have multiple files hanging around "just in case" or this huge history cache...just actions - just drag on the effect chain. I'm geeking out.

The same with Linkback. Being able to "just" double click on an image in Create and make changes and have it updated. No need to keep track of linked objects... Throw in PStill and that you're working in PDF.

These concepts are actually sort of difficult for users raised on a DTP diet of Quark, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.. They have to let go of so it should be so much more difficult and expensive.
Great work!
-- and --

Awesome app! You've created something totally different than iPhoto, Photoshop, Graphic Convertor, etc. etc....After a few minutes of poking at it, I realized this is really something that gives your creativity a release and doesn't get in the way. It really is a starting point, rather than the "photo finishing" of so many other image manipulation apps. The only other type of different app in the same vein. is perhaps Painter. But unlike Painter, iMaginator doesn't get in the way and it's as fast as you can think.

The tile effects are really rocking! I didn't even think I liked stuff like that - but you made it so easy. Man, think of the art and architecture we'd have if the Moors had this app:) iMaginator is like creative heroin. I stayed up too late last night and almost missed my bus stop this morning...

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