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iMaginator Features
Instantly Apply Effects to Images
• Overlay Text, other Images, and Paint
• Instantly Apply Hundreds of Effects
• Drag on Photos - including RAW format
• Edit Images non-destructively
• Paint and Erase in layers
• Each layer can have it's own Effects

Working With Images
• Intuitive All-In-One Interface
• Zoom In and Out
• Full Screen Preview
• Full Screen Movies
• Unlimited Undo
• Rulers, Guides & Cropping
• Turn layers and Effects on or off

Save to Many Formats
• Drag out images from Image Well
• Save as TIFF, JPG, PNG or QuickTime Movie
• Save Effect Chains & Images in Library
• Make Thumbnails of any Size
• Add EXIF & Photo Tags

Powered by CoreImage & iLife
• 115 native Effects and Filters
• 12 custom Core Image Unit PlugIns
• Automatically loads new PlugIns
• Drop on effects from Videator
• Drop In assets from iPhoto and Create

Expert Features
• Batch Processing of Folders of Images
• LinkBack Server for use w/Create®
• AppleScriptable

Snow Leopard Ready + Online Help
• Super Fast Rendering
• SpotLight plugIn
• Find Effects Fast
• Searchable Help and Downloadable PDF
Press Release
Quick Start
Stone’s unique Image Well lets you drag out images

Watch Russ’s tutorial movies to learn more!

Step by step tutorials by Daddy Doodaa!

Note: Russ Conte of The Rest of Us - Chicago’s Inside the Loop Macintosh Users’ Group has created these excellent tutorial videos - a big thank you to Russ for sharing his work! and show you how to make your digital photos even more stunning!
Here are the resulting photos - made into a website with Stone’s PhotoToWeb!

And Mark Forge contributed to show you how you clone in iMaginator! is for those of you who may not be aware of how to create a drop shadow in iMaginator. The object in this lesson is a flower, which as you can guess is not regularly shaped. The video shows how to use iMaginator to create a drop shadow, edit the effects of the drop shadow without affecting the flower, then drag and drop the final image on to another iMaginator canvas. is a tutorial done entirely in iMaginator. I won't give this away, it's a very fun effect, and you can do it easily yourself, as you'll see.
was made because I thought people might enjoy seeing how to use iMaginator with multiple images. So what you'll see in this is the following:

• How to drag and drop an image from the library onto the canvas
• How to add a second image
• How to change the order of the effects chain so the effect (a zoom blur) affects one image (the background) but not the other (the flowers)
• How to add rulers and guides, and use them to precisely align objects (in this case at 5.50 inches)
• How to add text and change the font using Fontsight
• How to do an exact color match of the font to another part of the image (in this case the flowers)
• How to add a drop shadow to a font, and change the size of the font and shadow simultaneously
• How to add transparency to the whole image, then modify the effects chain so the transparency only affects the original background
• How to save the image as a tiff image

I found by accident (a happy way to find things, to be sure). When I use the Multiply Blend Mode twice, I get a very cool effect. You'll also see the use of "constant color" to make a white background, and my old friend transparency. This is not a difficult image to make, it's just a lot of fun looking at how easy it is in iMaginator. is a tutorial that shows how to use both Create and iMaginator to make web buttons, such as the common "Save", "Open", "Cancel", and so forth. This one hopefully opens up worlds of ideas for you to use the two programs together. shows how to select a part of an image, and then modify parts of that image with Core Image effects. While some people might long for the selection tools that are available in other programs, the process here works quite well, and allows a lot of effects and modifications that are not as easy in other programs. They are also infinitely editable in iMaginator, and I show some of that in this demo. You can obviously have multiple simultaneous selections using this method, but I don't cover that in this video, as that is a very simple extension of what is presented here. is a movie that I made of an effect in a Photoshop flyer. You actually get to see the flyer and original effect in this movie, and see it re-created in iMaginator, right before your very eyes and ears, so you can see how a $49 program compares to a much more expensive program! Here’s the effect you can download and try yourself. is a demo movie to show that you don't need other software to make collages, it can all be done in iMaginator. A while back, Blond posted an image of the tiger. In that image the tiger is zoomed, but everything else is in sharp focus. Here is a movie that shows how to do that effect, and quite a few more that are built around the same basic concept: is a very cool effect that was shared by Blond, and I am happy to make the video and audio available to everyone. Thanks to Blond for sharing this effect - download the file here!

Bonus - check out how
Daddy Doodaa used iMaginator to stylize Ziyi Zhang!
Bonus #2- check out his wonderful Masks collection that you can use!
Extra Credit - Roger Dye made a bunch of transparent masks from Daddy...

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