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VJ’ing (Video Jocking) with Videator™
A Primer
Plug a projector into your Mac and let Videator create an awe inspiring visual display! Not crazy enough? Add fractals with the free opensource XaoS!
Here’s what you need to know to become a world class VJ...
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Quick Start
Video Jocking
Step 1. “Grok” the power
                Even without a projector, you can turn your mac into a visual wonderland.
                Choose “Effects -> Andrew’s VJ Effects” to get a feel for what is possible

Step 2. Plug in a projector
                Set the second display to not mirror - this lets you continue to work in
                Videator on the first screen while projecting full screen

Step 3. Add Some Cool Effects
                “Effects -> Add Random Effects” quickly make interesting effects.
                Preferences, “Random” pane lets you choose which kinds will be added.
                Drag on effects from the “myFX” library, “Live Input” popup!

Step 4. Go Fullscreen
                “Video -> Fullscreen” will display on the projected monitor, and you can
                still add/remove/change effects on your computer’s screen.
Hints and tricks:

VJ with Fractals using this version of XaoS
        1. Download, install into Applications and launch XaoS
        2. Choose “Tools -> Connect to XaoS
        3. In XaoS, choose “UI -> Autopilot (a)
        4. In Videator, “Add Random Effects”
        5. “Video -> Fullscreen” for maximum effect!

Overlay Fractals over Live Input!
        1. Install XaoS as explained above
        2. Click “myFX” to show Effects Library
        3. Drag on “XaoS” effect onto live window
        4. In XaoS, choose “UI -> Autopilot (a)”
        5. Add as many XaoS effects as you like
        6. Add color and other sub effects for great fun!

Add some powertools to the tool bar:
        Add “Fullscreen”, “Add Random Effects” & “Prefs”
        via “Tools -> Customize Toolbar...”

Make the “Live Loop” last longer!
        To set in current live window, Tools -> Time Lines:
        Set in Preferences, Movie/Video for future windows:
        Now add some random effects!

The possibilities are endless! Share your most exciting effects loops...

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