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Videator Party Packs
Having a party? Try hooking your laptop to an iSight and a projector, trying Effects -> Andrew’s VJ Effects and let the fun begin! You can download and drop these filter sets onto a Live Camera window

Party 1
60 Second Madness
Nine Videator Movies by Ron Bishop
Videator User Testimonials
from New York: “I'm a sound/video engineer and I checked out the videator. Very cool!”
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Video Jocking
drblue enthused “Yeah!!!!!!! Jonathan saw it for the first time yesteray aft and i couldn't pry him away from the macbook for over a half hour! You would enjoy his cries of excitement! We are already imagining integrating fractals with your program. I’m going to have a VIDEATOR PARTY soon, and we will definately do something out at 3sidedwhole really LARGE with projectors! definately burningman tool!”

Russ Conte, President of
The Rest of Us - the Chicago Macintosh User’s Group - had this to say about Videator:        Instant Photoshop-like effects for video!

Videator really does cut new ground. If you've ever worked in video, you know that what you are really doing in many cases is using video to tell a story. Effects can be immensely helpful in the telling of your story. Videator comes to your aid right at that point. You now have access to well over one hundred Photoshop like effects for your video. This can range from the very simple, such as color control, to much more sophisticated such as masking by color or adding multiple videos across a time line.

But the truly incredible point about all this is that the effects are rendered instantly. Faster than the snap of a finger. Whether you are using 2 effects, or 22 effects, Videator will use the Core Graphics engine in your Mac to render all of this instantly. Render time is now a thing of the past because with Videator, the video effects in the program are now rendered instantly. You won't have to wait any more for the effect to render, even for a very long clip. It is all instantaneous, in real time. So instead of waiting for your effect to render, you can spend real time telling your story through video.

On the lighter side, you can connect a video camera up to your Mac (such as an iSight or any compatible camcorder) and use Videator for buckets of fun. Since all effects are instant, you can watch yourself (or whoever is in front of the camera!) in a fun house, or with amazing color changes, or distorted, or any number of other effects, all in real time.

So whether it is live or as part of a video project, Videator allows anyone with a Core Graphics compatible Macintosh to have instant access to tons of Photoshop like effects. There is no more rendering time, the effects are now all as fast as your Mac.

I am not aware of anything else like this on the market on any platform, the Stone Design team is once again cutting new ground, and are to be congratulated on a superb piece of Macintosh software. With their policy of free upgrades for life, this is a must have for anyone that works in video, or just wants to have tons of fun in a way their Mac has never done before.

Russ Conte
President, The Rest of Us
The Chicago Macintosh Users Group

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