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StarMores™ Help

Click the “Random” button to generate a new star with every possible option “randomized”. Use Undo/Redo to go back to previous designs.

HINT: hold down Option key and click to change just the colors in the star
StarMores Screenshot
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StarMores Help

Drag the icon from the image well to save the current drawing as either PDF or TIFF. Use the popup to set the file type

Set the number of points in the star - from triangles to thirteen pointed ones!

Each tick represents another iteration of stars. You may not see all the iterations if the smallest star is less than 2 pixels wide.
Each successive iteration draws over the last unless “Under” is selected.

You can set the background color using the top color well. If “Copy” is checked, Copy to clipboard and savedPDF will include the background color, otherwise Copy to the clipboard and PDF will have a clear background.

Set the color of each iteration going from largest to smallest left to right.

The Size of largest star sets the size of the initial and largest fractal.

The Subsequent star size sets the percentage of the previous fractal that each successive interation will be - a size fall off.

Offset places the next generation of stars closer to the center or further from the center as you move from the center tick.

Start line width controls the line thickness of the largest star.

Each successive iteration’s linewidth falls off based on the setting of Line Width fall off
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