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Stone Design ships StarMores

...the free fractal star generation app
November 30, 2006 - Albuquerque, New Mexico – Stone Design, the makers of Stone Works, the low-cost and high-performance creative suite, today announced immediate availability of StarMores™, an application to instantly create recursive fractal stars. [ screenshot ]

Stone Design CEO and lead software architect Andrew Stone said, “Just in time for the holidays, StarMores is the key to creating unique greeting cards and holiday images. With the Random button, anyone can create fantasticly interesting designs, and use them in compositions in
Create® or iMaginator. Students of sacred geometries will appreciate the infinite design space offered by StarMores. What’s more, it’s free, a gift from us to you!”

Features include ability to save as PDF or TIFF, with many settable options including star kind, number of iterations, offset, linewidth, size falloff, and colors.

About Stone Design

Stone Design Corp, founded in 1984 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was the first developer to ship a product for NeXT hardware in 1989. With a mission to develop low cost, 100% Macintosh OS X native applications that are a joy to use, Stone Design has shipped over a dozen design and productivity applications for Macintosh OS X including Stone Works, Create®, Videator™, iMaginator™, PhotoToWeb®, PStill™, TimeEqualsMoney™, SliceAndDice™, and StampInStone™.

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