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the Preference Manager for the rest of us
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Quickly find any application by typing in the search field

Select the application to see its current preferences

You can modify and save the preferences - File -> Save

You can totally erase your preferences by clicking "Restore Preferences to Initial Factory Settings" - this will make your next launch of the application act like it's the first time you've run it. Use Open to launch the selected application.
    HINT: double-click an application to launch it!

Click the button on the bottom of the window to locate the application (and all copies of it) in Finder. You’ll also see version info in that button.

You can add additional application folders to search in Preferences

Preference Sets
A Preference Set is a saved copy of your preferences

You can copy an application's preferences to a saved Preference Set. You might want to maintain separate Preferences for work or home or various projects.

1. Select the Application
2. Click "
+..." to get Save Panel - name the new set
3. You can edit the new set by clicking on it in the list
4. You can make this set active by clicking "
Install Selected Preference Set". NOTE: the application should not be running or the changes will not take effect!
5. You can delete a saved set by selecting it and clicking "

Note: if you PreferenceCommander won’t launch - be sure your running Mac OS X 10.3 or greater (Panther, Tiger,....). For more cool apps like the Stone Studio, Create®, iMaginator™, PhotoToWeb®, PStill™, SliceAndDice™, PackUpAndGo™, TrueBlue™, TimeEqualsMoney™, StampInStone™, FontSight™, GIFfun™ and Global Warmth™ - Visit
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